Friday, May 9, 2008

Who could see this coming?

Put out a helping hand to a group of thiefs and thugs and what do you get? A stump.

Myanmar's junta impounded two U.N. food aid shipments at Yangon airport on Friday, officials said, triggering more outrage at the military government's refusal to accept a major international relief operation.

When you rule through fear and suppression, the one thing you can never allow your subjects to see is kindness.

The ruling junta can not allow a show of weakness on any level even if it means letting their subjects die. It is about caring for the people. It never was, it all about themselves and what they have or what they can get. If there was a need to show what evil looks like then this would be a perfect, blaring example. This is the stuff that should have people screaming in the streets. In Burma the people who object soon find themselves in a very painful or dead situation.

I have written about Myanmar (Burma) before and I always find a disconnection between the people who claim to be concerned about human rights and those who actual do. There are too many people out there who want to complain and attack safe targets. In America, a person can call the President of the US any sort of name they want and never fear a midnight knock on their door. In certain areas, the wrong political belief, religion, race or dress code will get you drug through the street in the middle of the day just to set an example. Where are the human shields to protect these people, oh yeah they are dead.

How generous the junta is. They are allowing us to send in ONE plane when we are ready to give much greater aid with out a lot of strings. How is it that the US is the source of all evil?
Johndroe also said that while the U.S. still has limited leeway to help, "One flight is much better than no flights."

"They're going to need our help for a long time," Johndroe said. He spoke in Crawford, Texas, where President Bush's daughter, Jenna, will be wed on Saturday.