Thursday, December 27, 2007


In my choosen professtion is alway a good thing to learn something new but it can be very frustrating to be force to learn something on my own through research. The frustrating part is no knowing if the lesson was learned right until the piece of equipment is turned on and any mistake is glaringly obvious. In a good work environment it is a just an opportunity to learn from mistakes. In a bad environment, the blame game comes out, the accusation of not knowing the job is implied and there is a loss of trust in future judgement. Matters are made even worse when the situation is a must have last week.

I am a firm believer in "the right tool for the job" and for this situation, I am not the right tool. The problem is the company, despite my and others requests, doesn't see the need to get the right tool.

This is a growing issue in America that comes from the idea of getting more for the dollar. It is the biggest reason capitalism is unsustainable in the long run. This is most definitely not a call for socialism because socialism is unachievable. At least capitalism works for awhile, socialism only works if it is completely voluntary and 100% followed.

So where am I going with this rant turned into preaching? Not sure but there is a need for the Next Step.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Busy Month

This month has been so busy with the holiday and work that I haven't even really considered posting much. My news reading has suffered also. With all of the holiday stuff over for the most part, I hope to get back into more than just the ECN posts. My goal for January is to have a actual post every week day and some ECN. As I post more the ECN will fade but that may be awhile yet before it disappears. It may never completely go away because there will always be items I think are important but don't have enough to say about. Anyway back to the grind.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trying to be the Center

I have always been a man made global warming skeptic because I just don’t think man is as important as people think we are. It is true that man could seriously affect the planet with a couple hundred nuclear bombs but that is not what I am talking about. If man went on all fired effort such as chopping down every tree there would also be a significant effect. I do believe mankind has a responsibility to manage natural resources that limits our impact to the climate but not to the level the eco-prophet Al Gore demands. I also base my skepticism on more than just my lower opinion of mankind.

According to a new study on global warming, climate scientists at the University of Rochester, the University of Alabama, and the University of Virginia found
that the climate change models based on human influence do not match observed warming.

That is contrary to the views held by former Vice President Al Gore, who accepted the Nobel Prize on Monday along with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and who thinks that climate change is largely caused by human action.

Does man have an effect, of course we do but there is much greater influences then mere man. The idea that man is the center of the universe is not new. There once was a time that man thought the sun revolved around the Earth. Not much has changed through the years. Man is still trying to assume a level of importance much beyond our actual place. Instead of being the center we now want to believe that we are final and all incorporating control of the planet. We also want to think we can eventual conquer the universe that had the audacity not to place us at the center.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Case Story for the Fence

On Friday I made mention of being a Jew in the Gaza Strip but the Christians don’t have it easy either.

Jerusalem ( - The tiny Christian community in the Gaza Strip has been shaken for the second time in two months by the attempted murder of a Christian by Islamic fundamentalists who want to rid the area of Christian presence.
The proof is in the pudding and I stand by my assertion of life of a Muslim in the hands of non-Muslims versus the life of a Non-Muslim in the hands of a Muslim. This is by no means a call to suppress Muslims but it is a reminder about where the true aggression is originating from. I’m not even sure they can be called radical Muslims because the source is too mainstream. In the West there is a complete lack of understanding of Islam and the Muslim community. So declare one group as radical and another is as moderate is impossible by most people including the so called experts.

Friday, December 7, 2007

ECN 12/7/07

Hopefully I will start added more then just mainly ECN as things get back to normal.

Kosovo Conflict Fears Rise
By Patrick Goodenough International Editor
December 07, 2007( - On the eve of the deadline for a decision on Kosovo's "final status," Russia shows no sign of backing down on opposition to independence, and the Serbian government reiterated that it would never give up the province.

The world’s real quagmire is still going and going and going.

EU looks to redefine relations with Africa

06.12.2007 - 17:23 CET
EU and African leaders will gather for their first summit in seven years on Friday with the state of human rights in several African countries taking a back row seat as the EU tries to win more influence in the poor but resource-rich continent.
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Despite Report, France and Germany Keep Pressure on Iran
President Nicolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel said they had not changed their minds despite the findings of new American intelligence released on Monday. By Katrin Bennhold in Paris more...

Prodi, despite all predictions, still is the prime minister
Famously unexcitable, Romano Prodi nonetheless has weathered many storms in office. But now he is facing new challenges as his opponents realign themselves.

For Myanmar junta, crisis is over
Two months after their bloody crackdown on demonstrators, the international outcry has faded and the generals' grip on power seems firm.

There was a major opportunity missed here. India could have been a big time player but instead to the route of enabler like Russia and China.

What About the Reason for the Fence?

I have an alternative suggestion to this misguided effort.

London ( - A British charity is giving the traditional nativity scene a political twist this year by dividing it with a wall symbolizing Israel's controversial security barrier.

The Amos Trust, a Christian group that works with needy communities around the world, is selling what it calls a nativity set with a difference -- one where "the wise men won't get to the stable."

The alternate would be the wise men reaching the site only to find the stable blown up by a suicide bomber or it is an impact zone for the multitude of missiles launched in to Israel.

The proceeds for this “political carp fum” is touted as being for the trades men hurt by the loses of tourism this fence is causing but I have to wonder do you really want the tourist stopped by this fence? They generally sneak though with bombs strapped to their bellies. If I wanted to I could easily jump on a plane and play tourist. This fence does absolutely nothing to stop me, in fact with the fence up I would feel safer in doing a visit because there will be less of a chance of me returning in a body bag.

This Amos Trust has missed the point in my opinion and I as a Christian do not subscribe to their point of view. The fence is not a weapon of aggression it is a tool of defense. On the other side is a group of individuals dedicated to the destruction of Jewish Nation. To say that Israel does not have the right to build a defensive wall is to say they do not have a right to exist as a nation. If they really wanted this wall to come down, these misguided individuals need to address the real problem.

I would much rather be a Muslim living in Israel then a Jew living in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. My life expectance and quality of life would be much better. This is an easy thing to see so I really wonder why these people miss the obvious. Why don’t they look at the full situation? Could it be that insulting Israel is easy and safe while pointing out the real issue is not so safe? After all a simple teddy bear name rallied thousands to call for execution.

Although she protested tearfully that she never meant to offend anyone, Gibbons was convicted of insulting Islam and sentenced to 15 days in jail. She was spared the more serious punishment of 40 lashes.

Angry Sudanese who did not consider the penalty harsh enough rallied in the capital, calling for Gibbons’ execution.

The reaction stunned Britons, including Muslim Britons.

Those who were stunned must not have been paying attention to the last 10 years.

Church and State

Monday, December 3, 2007

ECN 12/3/07

No Surprises as Pro-Putin Party Sweeps Russian Election
By Sergei CorrespondentDecember 03, 2007Moscow ( - With President Vladimir Putin as its top candidate, the United Russia party won an overwhelming majority in Sunday's parliamentary elections, and together with its allies, it will have enough seats in the Duma to change the constitution.

Venezuelans Deny Chávez Additional Authority
President Concedes Defeat in 51-49 Vote
By Juan Forero
Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, December 3, 2007; Page A01
CARACAS, Venezuela, Dec. 3 -- Venezuelan voters delivered a stinging defeat to President Hugo Chávez on Sunday, blocking proposed constitutional changes that would have given him political supremacy and accelerated the transformation of this oil-rich country into a socialist state.

50/50 for future dictators. Putin still has work to do and Chavez has plenty of time to get what he wants (2013).

EU to push for concrete talks on new climate deal in Bali
International talks on how to fight global warming begin on the Indonesian island of Bali today with the EU hoping to push other countries to sign up to negotiations on another climate change treaty after the current one expires in 2012.

Peace Talks Back from the Dead
Peace in the Middle East has been but a faint glimmer on the horizon since the 2000 Camp David talks failed. But now, both the Israelis and Palestinians say they are once again committed to reaching an agreement. But it might depend on their neighbors. By Ralf Beste, Christoph Schult and Bernhard Zand more...

Do your Job

I have been saying this for awhile.

Bush used his weekly radio address Saturday to call on lawmakers to "do their job.

On one of my desks I have a quote "Shut your mouth and do your job" which seems to be the perfect advise for the 110th Congress. They apparently want to spend more time running their collective mouth then to actually do any thing meaningful. Congress is the place for many of the headlining issues in America.

  • Congress can either continue or end the situation in Iraq.
  • Congress can address the illegal immigration. Pres. Bush can direct the enforcement of current laws (Which does leave a lot to be desired) but he can not make any new one.
  • Congress has yet to make any headway on health care issues.
  • Only Congress can change the tax codes.

    Legislative branch makes laws while the Executive Branch enforces laws. This post could easily turn in to bashing for any of the Senators currently running for President. Each of them claims they have ideas on how to help the US with each of these issues. If you want to find a pretender look at their Senate record and see what bills they introduced. When you don’t see their name as a sponsor or co sponsor on any major bill concerning these issues then you have found a pretender. If they were serious about changing things then they are already in the right place.