Monday, May 12, 2008

University Punishes Those Who Disagrees

In the real world this would be unthinkable but in academia not doing so would be unfathomable.

The University of Toledo has suspended with pay one of its administrators for writing a newspaper op-ed that questions whether homosexuality is a civil rights issue. The school said the administrator was suspended precisely because her views on homosexuality do not comport with those of the university, a state institution.

This teacher is suspended not for expressing her opinion on campus but in local paper (Toledo Free Press) in response to an editorial. This wasn’t a hate speech, it was questioning on whether a choice of lifestyle should receive the same protection as non-choice issues such as race, gender or handicap. It was a person engaging in dialogue or debate.

And another thing, the state currently doesn’t recognize “gay rights” on the same level as race, gender or handicap. Those things are protected under federal laws while “gay rights” are not. Unless of course homosexuality is a physical (genetic) or mental handicap.