Friday, February 1, 2008

Noble Freedom Fighters

If there was any doubt to the character of the terrorist, let this rid you of it.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Two mentally disabled women were strapped with explosives Friday and sent into busy Baghdad markets, where they were blown up by remote control, a top Iraqi government official said.

"By targeting innocent Iraqis, they show their true demonic character," said Lt. Col. Steve Stover, spokesman for the Multi-National Division-Baghdad.

This is what the anti-war crowd wants America to ignore. The anti-war crowd wants us to leave millions of people at the mercy of these human monsters. All the atrocities that America and the West in general gets accused of does not even come close to the unadulterated evil. To America, waterboarding of terrorist suspects is questionable while cowardly blowing up innocents is the bread and butter of the noble, freedom fighters/ insurgents.

Bill Gates' Nation Nightmares

For a smart, rich person, you would think Bill Gates would understand that you can’t fix a problem from the outside.

He also called for making changes to capitalism so that corporations and governments devote more time and money to doing work that "eases the world's inequities" - and bringing science and technology to everyone.

You have to crawl into the problem and fix it at it’s’ core. When it comes to people, they have to be involved and not bystanders.
I like watching the BBC version of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Last night was a new to America episode that involved an owner that didn’t have a clue on how to run a successful restaurant (actually all episodes operate on that idea). Gordon came in, developed a winning menu, worked with a new talent chef and laid down a good business model. He walked away with the business going strong but came back 6 weeks later to find the door closed. Even with the assistants he provided, the owner wasn’t willing and/or capable to do the right thing.

Most of his episodes consist of him helping owner learn how to do the right thing but it up to them to actually do the right thing. That is what the world is faced with when it comes to poor countries. They have to be taught to do the right thing, they have to be capable of doing the right thing and finally they have to be willing to the right thing. Throwing money, science and technology at them does none of the above. You would thing a smart rich guy like Bill Gates would understand that.